NewSpark – News Reader to correct your posture

Those who are worried about posture worsening by long-term use of smartphone must-see!
It is a innovational free news application that can also improve posture while watching the news.

When detecting disorder of posture, the screen gets dark with the message and urges correct posture.
You can measure the time keeping posture, display the class, record up to the top ten.
Even in the news application, with a variety of support functions, you can enjoy a comfortable browsing experience.

■Posture correction functions
· Measure the time keeping posture during news viewing
· When disorder of posture is detected, the screen gets dark and a message is displayed
· Measurement will end if you can not improve posture within the remaining seconds
· You can check up to the top ten records which measurement has ended on the ranking screen
· The class according to the time of keeping posture is displayed

■Newsreader basic functions
· List the latest news from RSS
· Switch the list by genre tab
· Pull down the list to update contents
· Display the web page of the site directly with the target news tap
· Web pages can be shared by various
· Genre is prepared as follows:
Main / World / Entertainment / Sports / Tech / Business / Politics

■Browsing support functions
· Jump to the bottom of the score area tap
-> You can easily browse from old articles!
· Automatic jump to title when web page loading is completed
-> Access contents quickly without being disturbed by headers and advertisements!
(Depending on the site, it may not function properly)
· 1/3 scroll is possible with the up / down buttons on the tool bar
-> Prevent tingling of fingers or tapping unintentional links!
· A variety of returning means to the list such as the upper / lower back button, right swipe
-> Stress free with a return method that suits style!

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